Rescue dog named Van Gogh creating art with his tongue

A one-eared dog named Van Gogh is channeling his namesake by using his tongue to create works of art at a Connecticut rescue.

Van Gogh, a 7-year-old boxer-pit bull mix, was rescued from a North Carolina dog fighting ring and had ear injuries so severe it had to be amputated, the Happily Furever After Rescue said.

Jaclyn Gartner, the founder of the rescue group, said she taught Van Gogh to paint with his tongue by putting paint and canvas into a plastic bag coated with peanut butter.

The rescue held a gallery show for Van Gogh, but only two people came to see the canine’s artwork. His paintings have since gone viral online, leading to about 30 of his works being sold for $40 each to benefit the rescue.

The rescue said on Facebook that Van Gogh is now receiving adoption interest from all over the world.

“We’re currently working on a potential adoption for our special superstar so stay tuned,” the rescue said.